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“When he connected with you felt special.” Landon’s gift for working with child actors especially impressed Butler.

The police chief of a town famous for being the location of the Little House on the Prairie television series has been arrested in an underage sex string.

without talking about the show’s director/executive producer/star, Michael Landon, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 1991.

When EW reunited many members of Walnut Grove—Ingalls kids Laura (Melissa Gilbert), Mary (Melissa Anderson), Carrie (Lindsay Greenbush, who split the role with her twin sister, Sidney), and Albert (Matthew Laborteaux), along with town bully Nellie Oleson (Alison Arngrim), Laura’s husband, Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler), kindly schoolteacher Miss Beadle (Charlotte Stewart) and Ingalls matriarch Caroline (Karen Grassle)—memories of Landon were everywhere.

He had a huge emotional heart he could deliver on command as needed any time.

The age of consent in Minnesota is 16, but hiring a minor for sex is a felony.

Walnut Grove is the small town where the popular series Little House on the Prairie, based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiographical novels, took place.

“What I remember the most from my audition was meeting Michael Landon,” says Melissa Gilbert, who wasn’t even 9 years old when she read for the part of Laura.

“I didn’t know who he was and didn’t know why everyone was making such a big fuss about him. He made me laugh and feel instantly comfortable and there was something between us that I had never experienced in an audition room.