Dating parker pipes

The word “Claret” on the shank is also a bit of a tip off.The distinctive new logo was an immediate hit in the U.For all that, it is rare to find a an original Sasieni bit in which the dots are even the slightest bit off.This in itself bears testimony to the fastidiousness with which Mr. It also makes it fairly easy to spot a fake Sasieni stem.

The belief persists that Sasieni continued to produce the One Dot well into the Sixties.

While this may raise a few eyebrows, I believe it will become clear these classifications are actually quite appropriate.

Therefore, it will also become clear a collector must be able to distinguish between Sasieni’s of different eras, as it is mainly the family made pieces made between 19 which are truly desirable to collectors.

The Sasieni Eight Dot is now the most collectible of all Sasieni pipes, due to both its scarcity and the fact that, unlike other Sasieni’s, the collector can be reasonably certain when the pipe was made. Like the Four Dot, the Eight Dot had its logo made by individually inserting rods of blue plastic into pre-drilled holes in the stem, similar to the process used by Dunhill for their one white spot.

The Eight Dot made its debut in the late 1920’s or very early 1930’s, and was discontinued during W. This was an excruciatingly difficult procedure, even on the Four Dot, for each dot had to be placed just right in order to create the desired diamond shape, and on the Eight Dot, both sets had to be symmetrical.