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The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! ” The game sees you controlling a ball as is slide and jumps over dunes.

See dinosaurs in real size, bring those huge monsters into your world, walk together and make cool photos and videos.”This beautiful game proves that mobile games can be art.

The app also allows you to communicate with other The School of Life fans.

The Dark: Subject One is a great AR experience for i Phone.

Also: if you're interested in becoming an i Phone developer, UDEMY is running an amazing offer right now which, for just £15, will get you access to one of the best i Phone Developer Courses on the planet right now – The Complete i OS 10 Developer Course. To keep things tidy we’ve decided not to include the big apps that every man and his dog knows about –– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Mail and the like.

Instead, we’re focusing on useful applications that might have slipped under your radar.