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If the conduct you describe is not professional misconduct, you may appeal the dismissal, re-file your complaint with more information, or you may be referred to alternative dispute resolution (such as mediation) or to a local fee dispute committee.Again, it is important to remember that not every dispute or disagreement with a lawyer involves professional misconduct and, therefore, some complaints will be dismissed at this stage.Copies of these rules may be obtained free of charge by coming by any one of our 10 offices, or can be mailed to you for a .00 postage and handling fee. These rules may also be found in the Texas Government Code (Title 2, Subtitle G-Appendix A, Article 10, section 9), available in most law libraries.Please call 1-800-932-1900 for the location of our nearest office or mail your postage and handling fee along with name and address to State Bar of Texas, Office of the General Counsel, P. A:__Any person who believes that a rule of professional conduct has been violated may file a complaint with the State Bar.Make sure you include copies of all papers important to your complaint.

Not all disputes or disagreements with lawyers involve professional misconduct, but if you believe misconduct under the rules has occurred, you should file a complaint.

Hearings are usually informal and the procedures will be explained to you.

A:__The time it takes to process a complaint varies, but an investigatory hearing will generally be held within 30 days of the attorney's response to your complaint.

A finding of professional misconduct requires evidence and the testimony of the person making the complaint is almost always important evidence.

A:__Your grievance form will be reviewed by the General Counsel's staff, who will determine whether the conduct you described, if taken as true, involves professional misconduct.