Adult chat tables

Those darned kids are always getting the benefit of the doubt.

Sure, children are sponges that take in just about every piece of information they hear, smell, touch, taste and see, but I’ve got news for you: Adults have quite a few advantages when it comes to learning German. Take a look at some of the reasons why you may just have an advantage over kids.

I encourage you to build a strong daily training routine, and maybe, just maybe, consider taking the leap to live in German for awhile.This schedule involved writing irregular verb tables by hand for two hours in the morning, listening to language learning audio clips during lunch hours and breaks, and listening to music while working out or while at work.Finally, he found a familiar French book in the afternoon and read it, wrote in his journal for an hour in French and even met with a speaking partner. That’s quite the routine, and it proved successful for Bailey, since a native French-person thought he had been speaking for a year.But sometimes, especially for couples who've been together a long time, dinner conversations can settle into the same grooves night after night — work talk, complaining about the subway, what's new with the kids.Here are 10 more questions to ask at the dinner table tonight, because just when you think you know everything about your partner, isn't it lovely to be surprised?