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View video This video shows how using equipment that is on the border line of being big enough for the job, you need to have a ‘what-If’ plan in reserve… When lifting at height a plan that doesn’t end in disaster is often not possible as this video shows. View video A challenging job in Zams, Austria involved the insertion of a larger number of 10 tonne concrete beams into an existing building.View video This video from Russia shows a truck travelling with the boom of its telescopic loader crane in the raised position. Crane company Felbermayer came up with a highly unusual solution, involving a tandem lift with a city crane on high blocks and another All Terrain crane, the two unloaded the beams from a truck and telescoped them into the building where a heavy fork truck took over the one end of the beam and manoeuvred it into place.Welcome to our video page, here we host a variety of films.Some are news related and attached to a news story – improving the coverage we provide, others are simply unusual or interesting videos whose subject matter includes aerial lifts, telehandlers or cranes and finally we also offer customers a hosting service for advertising videos for which we charge a small fee to help fund this service.View video This is a video of some traditional bamboo scaffolders working in Mumbai, India, on a large modern building - certainly a Death Wish, But you have to watch this one through to the very end to fully appreciate it.View video Unic Cranes is launching the world’s most powerful spider crane the 10 tonne Unic URW-1006 at Intermat 2012 and Vertikal Days The company has issued a short sneak preview video clip of the new crane prior to the formal unveiling.View video A You Tube video from 2012 shows an innovative, but highly unsafe method of lifting materials to the fourth floor of a building without the need for cranes, hoists or platforms.The video says it all a definite for our Death Wish series.

View video This video shows the painting of an Alaskan Airways aircraft is an excellent example of the use of aerial work platforms, ranging from large booms to 12ft mast lifts. View video A video purportedly from a lift that occurred in Russia is popping up all over the world, hopefully no one was hurt.View video This video produced by Bravisol, highlights the risks and dreadful accident statistics associated with working at heights of up to five metres with certain types of access equipment.At the same time it demonstrates a better and more efficient method of carrying out such work, even on floors which will not support any significant point loadings.View video This video shows two things, crass stupidity of those involved and the dramatic effect that a change in levels can have, even on a fully retracted boom driven as slowly as possible.This man is lucky not to have been seriously injured.

Speed dating in leicester square