Psychology of dating and relationships

Folks who are recently divorced usually have too many emotions stirred up to enter a new relationship without it getting messy and complicated.

Be good to yourself and take some time to deal with the huge loss you have just gone through.

Their support and friendship can strengthen you as you recover and develop new independence.

Once you're on the other side of this process, you'll know when you're ready to date again.

These aren't worthy reasons to recommit to a relationship that ended in divorce.

Marriage after divorce can be a testament to peoples' faith in love and commitment.

This time delay becomes even more important if you have children.

Even if you desperately miss your ex-spouse, do NOT just jump back in. This would be a great time to get some counseling, both individually for each of you and eventually couples counseling.Flip-flopping around like this isn't only bad for you but will affect the way friends and family see you and how much they trust your relationship.Don't let their opinions stop you but understand your flip-flopping has consequences.If one emerges from divorce with nothing but blame and bitterness for the other person, your work is not done.And you'll be vulnerable to a repeat next time around.