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To make a call, simply tap the contact you'd like to reach in the Tango contact list.

The recipient will receive a push notification alerting them to your call.

Allow me to offer a simple retort: how many parents out there are giving their tweens an i Phone 4 in the first place? I'm certainly intrigued to see how this all plays out, but I'd argue that if history has taught us anything, it's that porn finds a way.

are quick to pull the plug on such apps once they figure out they've been hoodwinked (4Chan's app is a pretty good example).

Tango is free, and available in the App Store and Android Market and works on phones with a front-facing camera.

Craigslist is unreliable and dangerous; e Harmony and are costly and exclusive; and other online personals usually turn out to be scams.

Video calls are supported on Wi Fi and mobile data connections although the video quality, as you would expect, varies depending on how good your connection is.

But Duo has a few distinct differences and the most obvious one is that it's an app that has to be downloaded, while Face Time is built-in to the dialler of i OS devices.