Indian bride dating

We may meet up again and I sincerely hope we do (unless of course he reads this and becomes terrified of me).Reflecting on these experience I felt a bit perplexed, so I typed “Indian Men” into Google.Whilst the professional men that I have met don’t have the more distasteful personal habits, I do still find them very difficult to understand.Several years ago I tried my hand at internet dating through the website

The first serious site that showed up was number 7 on the list and it disturbed me.

Even at that point, he cowered and seemed incapable of admitting and facing the truth of his own behaviour. I recently arranged to catch up with an intelligent man I had come across, but on our first meeting he brought along a female friend.

Whilst she was lovely and friendly, her presence changed our plans and the dynamic of our meeting.

These behaviours appear to be generally accepted in Indian culture, no one bats an eyelid going about their day.

My simplistic explanation on why this behaviour is tolerated comes down to the arranged marriage.