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ZIKV infection has been known since 1940s, when the studies on yellow fever virus (YFV) yielded the isolation of Zika strain in Uganda (Wikan and Smith, 2016).

But the expansion of geographic range of ZIKV has been observed after the significant outbreak infecting over 65% of population in Yap Island, Micronesia in 2007 (Duffy et al., 2009).

Most objects are represented by polygons and truly curved objects are often approximated by polygon meshes.

When rendering images, you may notice that these polygons appear as a series of small, flat faces.

In geometry, a normal is a direction or line that is perpendicular to something, typically a triangle or surface but can also be relative to a line, a tangent line for a point on a curve, or a tangent plane for a point on a surface.

As seen in the previous sections, polygons are central to Blender.

The fast mutation rate of RNA virus genomes creates different populations of viruses from a single culture termed as viral quasi-species.

This kind of variation is thought to be reversible: the frequencies of different quasi-species vary during the infection process in the response to immune pressure and other factors.

The data on preferable directions of mutational pressure in epidemic ZIKV strain is useful for future vaccine development and understanding the evolution of new strains.

The evidences of ZIKV vertical transmission during pregnancy have raised alarms and posed a situation of global threat due to high epidemic and less effective control measures of infection (Coyne and Lazear, 2016).

This results into the drastic increase in clinical and research framework to find effective strategies to encounter ZIKV infection (Giri et al., 2016).

Especially high levels of guanine have been found in two-fold degenerated sites of certain areas of RNA plus strand with high amount of secondary structure.

The usage of cytosine in two-fold degenerated sites shows direct dependence on the amount of secondary structure in 52% (consensus sequence of East African ZIKV lineage)—32% (consensus sequence of epidemic strains) of the length of RNA minus strand.