Mothership dating

I felt that an overnight event, creating a temporary community, was the best way to solidify new connections with other like-minded women.

Why not take what we are doing and make it bigger, better and more all encompassing?

We even have a ‘creativity tent’ with tons of stuff to adorn yourself with, paint, glitter, costumes etc. I am so looking forward to seeing women let loose and get creative together.

An enormous alien structure was seen moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa which, according to some, resembles an ‘interstellar mothership’ or ‘an intergalactic cruiser’.

The image was taken by a Canon 650D camera with a 7D-300mm telescopic lens mounted on a tripod in someone’s backyard garden With abundant salt water, a rocky sea floor, and the energy and chemistry provided by tidal heating, Europa could be the best place in the solar system to look for present day life beyond our home planet.

There will also be some celesbians in attendance: The Real L Word star Lauren Bedford Russell is leading chakra-aligning yoga and Transparent’s Mel Shimkovitz will be on a panel on Women’s Sexuality and Media.

(Full disclosure: I’ll be hosting that panel, which also includes Alexandra Roxo, Micol Hebron, Kat Blaque and Alexandra Tweten.) “The musical styles are across the board, but they all have one thing in common – a strong message,” Wise said, noting artists like Madame Gandhi, Kera Armendariz (Kera and the Lesbians), Wasi, Megatronic, Lex, Clay and i RAWni Q, all of whom Wise calls “powerhouse performers.”“We have a whole range of women coming to Mothership, from seasoned burners, to women who have never camped before and I love that,” Wise said.