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The message that God brings financial favours to those who donate continued unabated.

By 2009 David Cerullo was earning more than m a year, making him the highest paid leader of any religious charity according to Ministry But it is Morris Cerullo’s claims of healing that remain the most controversial aspect of Morris Cerullo’s empire.

I do know that many members of the Evangelical Alliance will be going to his meetings in London and will find them a source of support and encouragement to their Christian faith.”One Christian who will not be going is Belzie Reynolds.

The 29-year-old, who is not afraid of showing off her assets on Instagram, was a vision of sophistication in a short and tight white frock with long, bell sleeves.He claimed as a teenager he was led away by angels, the catalyst for his evangelical journey.He graduated from divinity school in New York in 1953 and began his worldwide quest “to fulfil God’s plan”.His website still states that “the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear,” at his Miracle Crusades.Steve Lumbley, from US-based Apostasy Watch, says Cerullo’s website is “a cornucopia of wild claims and self-aggrandisement. With Curello’s wealth estimated at £30m, a businessman he is.