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Mostly every person who use internet know about Skype. Skype is free software which almost available for all Operating systems and devices.Skype voice and video communication quality is best and work without any interrupt.Facebook started video facility in collaboration with Skype.Means You experience Skype video quality while using Facebook video Chat.In Skype you can call everywhere for free through Skype to Skype calls.Skype also provides paid call facility in which you can make call at any phone number at reasonable cost.Another amazing feature is you can also record whole video chat. It is also available for different devices including Android and i Phone. Recently they started video chat system within there social media platform. It has become popular because we trust Google on the bases of security and quality.oo Voo is top most video chatting software with 30 million users. Google hangouts lets you to make free face-to-face call with 10 different people at same time.

i Chat is default application for video calling for Mac OS.Which are popular having good video and video functionality and also free to use.Skype is one and the only most popular voice and video chat online software by Microsoft.In case skype is not working for you then i recommend to go for this software.It is famous for group chatting which means by using oo Voo you can do group chat with 12 persons at once.