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Those attending included: Norm Nixon (former Laker Guard), Bryant Coleman (former UH FB player and current GM of the Water Grill – swank downtown L. restaurant), Laker Girls (photo attached), Clipper Girls, L. Chivas Girls (soccer), and two playboy playmates to pass out door prizes.

(In fact, in the picure of Rob & I, one of them is standing in the distance behind us.) Also, Rob’s parents and his fiance.

Though he was brought inside the home to be treated away from the bees, he did not survive and died on scene.

Erika Jordan is a prolific actress, glamour model, and sex columnist.

She most recently appeared in "Chavez, Cage of Glory", co-starred...

The landscaper who survived told officials the first landscaper approached him while he was being attacked by the bees, according to Tucson News Now.

And though the surviving landscaper tried to help, the bees became so bad that he had to run away to save his own life.