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There is still a lot of confusion in the space about what exactly the “cloud” is and how different services interact with it.When folks use a syncing and sharing service like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive or any of the others, they often assume those are acting as a cloud backup solution as well.Before the cloud took off, that location was primarily a CD or an external hard drive – but as cloud storage became more readily available it became the most popular storage medium.Typically these services have fixed pricing, and if there is a system crash or data loss, all backed up data is available for restore.Backblaze Cloud Backup is a great complement to other services, like Time Machine, Dropbox, and even the free-tiers of cloud storage services.Let’s take a look at some sync setups that we see fairly frequently.

Cloud backup services will enable you to download files over the internet too and can also suffer from long download times.

That’s where cloud backup providers shine, by automatically backing up user data with little or no set-up, and no need for the dragging-and-dropping of files.

Backblaze actually scans your hard drive to find all the data, regardless of where it might be hiding.

The results are, all the user’s data is kept in the Backblaze cloud and the portion of the data that is synced is also kept in that provider’s cloud – giving the user another layer of redundancy.

Best of all, Backblaze will actually back up your Dropbox, i Cloud Drive, Google Drive, and One Drive folders.