Dating someone coming out of a relationship

On a social level, you two will never be acknowledged as having “couple status.” You’ll have to come to terms with always being seen as “the perpetually single friend” or “the one who's always with that other person.” This can be extremely frustrating for you, since it’s totally understandable that you’d want to tell the world about the love you have for your girlfriend.But you do need to understand that she has her reasons for staying in the closet, too, whatever those might be.Why your partner might want to stay in the closet So you, as the out-and-proud queer collegiette you are, might wonder to yourself, “Why would anyone want to stay in the closet?” But there are countless reasons why your new boo might not be ready to come out.You have to be able to be just as vulnerable as she is in trusting that she’s doing the best she can to give you, and the relationship, her all.There might come a time where both of you become too complacent with not bringing up certain issues.

Posting anything about the two of you on social media is definitely off-limits, so you just scroll through the pictures in your phone nonstop on your own.And the reasons don’t stop there, according to LGBT relationship specialist Christina Spaccavento.“One of the most common reasons is fear of rejection, judgment, criticism or isolation from their family community or religion,” she says.“A key factor in why I didn't want to come out in the beginning is that I wasn't sure what my sexuality was and wasn't ready to answer the questions I would be asked about it,” Carmen says.“Sexuality is fluid, but still bisexuals are criticized in the queer community for not fitting in the standardized concept of a homosexual.” However, it’s important to pay attention to how this will affect you, as the person who is out.