Audrina corey dating

, Bohan says he is unable to afford an attorney and is seeking support from Patridge.

The athlete has a lot of ink on his body — and it's mostly inspired by his love of biking. "On my left arm is a street scene of kids hanging out, riding bikes and causing trouble.He is now arguing that the order protects her parents' home, and not the home where they lived as a family.He continues to live in the property, and says he pays for maintenance and utilities."[Patridge] is ignoring the fact that the temporary restraining order is a stay-away from her current home, which is at her parent’s home, not the family residence,” he claims, according to documents obtained by According to E!The couple have a 15-month-old daughter, Kirra Max, and have been together since 2008, two years after Audrina joined The Hills.Corey hasn't featured in one of Audrina's regular Instagram snaps since August 8, though she did post an ad endorsement featuring them both enjoying a "summer date night" on August 30.