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""Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows." As far as I know, it's running the latest version, and has been running fine for quite a long time.

Updated The brouhaha over Russian spies using Kaspersky antivirus to steal NSA exploits from a staffer's home PC took an explosive turn on Tuesday.

By channeling virtualized network traffic and files through this up-to-date appliance, VMs are fully protected by the latest security updates the instant they are created, and the need to push redundant copies of anti-malware databases across the network to each VM is eliminated.

Kaspersky Lab’s intelligent scanning also ensures the same file is not scanned multiple times, freeing up additional system resources.

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Light Agent includes a small software agent on each virtual machine, far different from the resource-hogging software found in the traditional agent-based model.

This small agent enables big security capabilities, allowing Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Light Agent to put the full power of Kaspersky Lab’s security expertise to work guarding a virtual network, and can be deployed without rebooting.

Kaspersky Lab has announced its latest virtualization security solution, which delivers advanced protection to the VMware, Citrix, Microsoft virtualization platforms.

Today, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Light Agent is available upon request for evaluation to customers and partners in the United States, and will be publicly available for purchase on April 22 in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and the Middle East.

In short, Kaspersky's code, installed on millions of computers around the planet, was being used as a global searchable spying tool by the Russian government, it is alleged.Some of the advanced protection technologies enabled by a light agent solution include: Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Light Agent also includes all of the security capabilities found in Kaspersky Lab’s agentless solution, including heuristic file analysis and cloud-assisted intelligence via the Kaspersky Security Network for real-time information on emerging threats and malicious applications.Kaspersky Lab will continue to offer Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | Agentless – currently available only for VMware environments – as an effective solution for data centers or server environments that don’t access the Internet, and situations where steadily-high consolidation ratios and automatic protection of every new VM are paramount.“Driven by the research of our security experts, we’re on a mission to educate businesses about virtualization security risks, and provide them with options for protecting their network,” said Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab.Just as the light agent approach offers better performance than “agent-based” security, a light agent approach will also offer improved protection over “agentless” security.Agentless security models offer performance advantages by having 100% of security tasks performed away from the virtual machine by a dedicated virtual appliance, but this limits the software’s ability to perform advanced security management and network protection tasks on virtual endpoints.