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Also, it supports HTML, CSS, Java Script and handles language-mixing well like SQL or HTML blocks inside PHP code, JSON, etc. It supports FTP/SFTP synchronization, integrates well with Subversion, CVS, Mercurial and even with Git (with plugin).But if you need Ruby you can try another IDE - Ruby Mine with same capabilities but for Ruby. Also, it supports HTML, CSS, Java Script, popular frameworks and more. PDT has been neglected for quite some time since Eclipse 3.7 release.No more "alert()"-cluttered debugged source code :) What features of an IDE do you want? If you're looking for free alternatives, or if you code in other languages other than PHP, Open Komodo is a really nice IDE with almost all the features (no SVN neither CVS) that you require, the only con I see about Open Komodo is that sometimes it messes my code indentation, but then again I don't use it on a very regular basis. =) My personal preference is Eclipse (with various plug-ins) as I am developing in several languages (PHP, Java, and Ruby) and this way I am always used to interface and keyboard shortcuts.This is not a minor thing as you become very productive this way.j Edit has ready-made plugins for everything on your list, and syntax highlighting for a wide range of languages.

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Three good things about Aptana: easy plugin installations, very fast and intuitive Subversion plugins, ligning fast file search.And for the features You asked: Eclipse support many source code version servers (Subclipse); your project can be on a Samba share; Zend Debugger/xdebug for debugging. Aptana is also pretty good, or if you are doing a lot of AJAX stuff, it's great.Your mileage may vary, however, depending on what additional plugins you want to use with them.It has the best debugging facilities of any PHP IDE I have tried, is a very mature product and has more useful features than you can shake a stick at.Of note, it has a fantastic HTTP inspector, Javascript debugger and Regular Expression Toolkit.