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If you have existing or past mental health problems you may want to speak to your GP if the break-up is causing you additional distress. Part of our culture’s post break up story is we’ll be sure to find love again.Literature, films and love songs tell about the happier future that awaits us with a new love.Don’t assume all break-ups have to end with hostility.As Meg Barker pointed out in this previous piece on break-ups it’s easy to get caught into a trap of seeing yourself as the good guy and your ex as the baddy.However this isn’t what happens for all of us – and nor is it what everyone desires.It may be you don’t want to consider another relationship if you are struggling with grief, confidence issues or other worries.You may want to do anything to get your ex back, or may accept the relationship is over but still feel upset.

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If you’re not sleeping at night if you’re able to nap in the day or at least try and rest while you are awake may be useful.While you cannot protect yourself from additional pressures during a break-up, consider getting additional support for yourself if the following apply: How not to cope with a break-up Standard advice says using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of a break-up is wrong, yet many people temporarily do this as a coping strategy.If you find alcohol/drugs are causing problems you may wish to seek help (in confidence) from your GP.The practical aspects of managing a separation (particularly if you have dependants) may take up a lot of your time.Alternatively you may want to break from dating if you’ve been in a series of relationships that keep ending and it’s leaving you distressed.