Is connor paolo dating anyone

Serena vists him after a year in boarding school, and she is eager to get Eric out of the center.

However, Lily disagrees, and they both end up arguing over Eric (Pilot).

He also admits that Chuck already knew, as he told him earlier knowing Chuck wouldn't judge him.

At Asher and Jenny's party, he comes out as gay to everyone.

He is a groomsmen in Lily and Bart's wedding (Much 'I Do' About Nothing).

Meanwhile, Dan sees Asher with a guy and sends the tip to Gossip Girl.

That evening at dinner, Georgina Sparks tells Lily and Serena that Eric is gay.

She apologizes for the incident with Asher, and they become friends again.

Eric introduces Tinsley Mortimer to Jenny to extend her contacts in the fashion industry (Summer Kind of Wonderful).