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Doug Walker: "Dragonbored" - A comedy/drama about a mild-mannered man who accidentally unleashes his video game-created character into the real world.Brad Jones: "The Reviewers" - A comedy about two friends trying to become internet reviewers, but aren't very good at it.What the hell are you supposed to say about yourself in your profile? [pagebreak] OUT-OF-TOWN AND OUT OF TOUCH The scenario: “A guy sent me a message saying that he wanted to meet up for a drink, but when I asked when he was free, he said he was ‘going out of town’ for the next two weeks and that we should schedule something after.” — Andrea, 31 The problem..the solution: If you tell a girl you’re “going out of town,” she’s going to assume you’re busy dating other women.

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Uncanny Valley: Part 5: Welshy Presents Dark Side of the Internet.At the end, it stated the videos will be released between July 23-28, as in a short film per day.The shorts involved are by Doug Walker, That Sci Fi Guy, Mike J, Brad Jones, and Welshy.A short, serious film highlighting 3 different areas of the internet's Dark side, looking at what it means to live with the internet and to live through it., like, “a guy told me he was looking for a girlfriend by next year so he’d have someone to split rent with.” Then there was the charmer who told his date about the time he “got wasted, peed and mopped it up with his clothes, and then wore them.” Um, yeah.