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Take its Gay Jew-IQ Test to see how well your Gaydar/Jewdar is working.

Ortho is not a dating site but rather provides much-needed support, education, and community to gay frum Jews.

Shmooze , a mix of Facebook, JDate, and My Space, is not just for dating.After signing up, you choose two matchmakers to handle your case and find your match among the thousands of members in the system, a human touch that sets it apart from most other dating sites.Frum Teens has a number of helpful, active forums open to anyone but aimed toward observant Jews.On this easy-to-navigate site you'll find health and community resources, religious discussion about homosexuality, an events calendar, as well as a useful list of links and organizations with similar purposes.JQYouth is a serious support group for gay Jews between the ages of 18 and 30 who come from a frum background.