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Since then I have stopped "counting numbers" because, frankly, it's irrelevant.If two people are attracted to each other what difference should their ages make? The flattery factor of being approached by a younger man is like having new batteries installed inside you.Take advantage of our site create your own personals & upload your own adverts, Browse thousands of real ads submitted by men and women all over the UK, chat with cougars via our free chat rooms and so on.It's guaranteed that when registering with uk you will be on your own casual sex date in no time.

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I spent my 50th birthday skiing with a 28-year-old in Aspen and another young man in his 30s surprised me recently by turning up on my doorstep in a chauffeur-driven Bentley to whisk me off to see The Eagles in concert. They hardly ever cross my threshold without bringing champagne, chocolates or flowers and I often let them cook dinner for me.

I am a mother and grandmother and I embrace my family and friends to the full but embrace an older man? I'm too full of vim and vigour to sit at home night after night watching him flip the TV channels.

Although society dictates that I should be with a partner aged between 65 and 70, the last time I tried to conform he spent the evening discussing his prostate. We met on a dating website and he's gorgeous, funny and fascinated by me and I can't say that about a lot of men my age.

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