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“It looks even more amazing from here,” you say, lying down with your hands rested behind your head. Many more imagines to come~~~ You and Harry go out every single night before he and the boys have to leave for the next location of their tour.You’re about to lay on a massive heap of pillows when Harry shakes his head at you. Celine Dion’s soothing voice emanates from the TV and as the word ‘TITANIC’ comes on screen, Harry’s hand finds its way to yours. Though a firm voice in your head keeps telling you the movie wasn’t the only thing you were crying about.This site has been around for quite some time, and boasts about five million members at any given time.With that many singles online, your chances of finding that right person are high, and Dating Direct is always looking for new ways to enhance the experience of using their service so that you can find your match through them.